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I am jumping in for the second time now. I have so much i want to do but don’t have any idea where to begin. I KNOW I CAN NOT BE ALONE!

SO HERE GOES NOTHING. Simply me – A mother of 5 boys; YUP all boys lucky me right. truly blessed but also a tad bit insane. I am just someone who wants to share her experiences and maybe share some advice along the way but how , where and what?

One reason I am here is because being a mom is so overlooked as such a simple task to add to our resume but we are suffocating ourselves to be the SUPER WOMAN. The world so desperately needs, well I am here to tell ya I was her I did it ALL. I mean literally I was and kind of still am a little OCD and like things in order VERY organized to say the least. I also worked full time in the Manufacturing Industry and man I felt like I HAD to have things in order ALL the TIME! I had this ideal in my head I was the only one who could cook, clean organize or plan anything for my family. I was completely obsessive, more like i was totally killing my inner soul to make it LOOK like SUPER WOMAN had things under control. IT looked pretty sounded nice but it wasn’t I had completely lost all sense of my being my life was so robotic it felt like I had been sleep walking for the past year. I completely get the saying of that. I felt horrible like i just woke up from a very long miserable dream but this dream was my life. The one i was responsible for the one I created! Not only did I let my kids basically eat breathe and slept my madness. I truly thought this was how it was going to be for ever. HOW did i let this happen why did I get so wrapped up in this horrible idea it was what i wanted.

Which brings me to my first and most important advise ever!


It’s complicated, yet it really isn’t … we make it! Because we want to hold that TITLE we are so entitled to SUPER woman. Guess what you still ARE. Because you chose YOU. To fuel up your beautiful mind, body and soul with what makes you SUPER not how many loads of laundry you can get done in a hour or the unnecessary big feast just made to prove to who? The kids who would nine times out of ten rather eat cereal for dinner or one minute pizza’s they already eat a hundred times a day. I get it we want to water our flowers just as we would ourselves but sometimes over watering them does’t do them any good. KEEPING IT SIMPLE.

GUILT – is wasted energy .. PERIOD what ever you have to do to avoid it, talk yourself down and out have a post it note to remind you whatever the case may be just DO NOT fall into this evil trap WE created for ourselves.


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