The Sunday of Summer

The all time favorite day of the week. A day to reflect of what’s to come and also what was. Some days this day just means to binge watch tv and eat junk but most of the time for me this means to reflect. Breathe! Look back on all the things I accomplished but also what I have to look forward too. The anxiety of what’s to come; the unknown. I use to be terrified of this i needed all questions to have answers otherwise I would spiral I would create more problems there would be issues that didn’t exist but because I put them there thinking I was creating a better outcome a better “future”.

Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in calm spirit

So sit quietly, yes not that easy with five boys running around not listening by the way. But this is what I do what I am so GOOD at. I get things done in the mist of many melt downs and disagreements. & also all while doing my meal prep and updating calendars, answering emails etc. I accomplish what seems like simple task to others but are so meaningful to me. DO WHAT MAKES YOUR HEART AND SOUL HAPPY. Little or small do them what EVER it takes to tackle your day. So as I sit here and write about what makes me happy it’s this, offering something so small so little we take for granite just a moment a small moment. Like they say little things can go a long way. I plan to use my little “thing” in this BIG world to hopefully bring others JOY and a piece of mind. Give and you shall receive. You get what you put into the universe and I plan to put a whole lot of LOVE and HAPPINESS

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