The calm before the storm is what I call it. The still in the house where no one is to be heard and you can hear the cool air coming from the vents! This my friends is not peace this is scary who is going to burn the house down or who is about to make a big fuss because they are of course dying of starvation, we ALL know there is no such thing as feeding our kids we just simply starve them the hour before dinner is done. I check back packs I sign papers go over anything I expect out of my now three big kids back to school this year. Seeing the clock continue to speed up and thinking when in the hell am I supposed to make time for myself. I sit in the kitchen as I wait anxiously for the timer to go off for dinner to be done! Just for it to be over in a matter of seconds to then be back at it ordering (screaming) around for the mess to be cleaned up. But there it is me setting myself up for self- sabotaging time (this is such a thing)…. These are my expectations no one else’s MINE I’ve created my own madness. Once again something I am all to good at, WE ALL ARE!

Instead I can CHANGE the way I think and how I WANT to accomplish my task:

  • It seriously CAN wait!
  • Or if it can’t don’t think of it as a punishment or time wasted simply enjoy the task and feel like you just crushed the shit outta those dirty dishes!
  • Sounds crazy but dance – listen to music
  • If you have more than one child trust me this is an amazing time to catch up on the new Fortnite skins or who’s the “cool” teacher this year at school.


I may be just a tad bit so to say dramatic but it is easier for me to visualize it this way than the MAD CRAZY we all so use to…..

Your life is completely in YOUR control! This is your picture, your vision, your journey, your god damn story, no matter how crazy it may sound to others or how crazy I might sound right now.


Now I personal LOVE the madness at times because we all no perfect does not exist …. One reason I say I was build for this. SO many personalities and emotions and facial expressions all happening at one time it makes my heart feel HAPPY. I smile inside and sometimes out because this is my life and I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to serve my family with my heart so full and ready to love! We as woman where given this gift to be build strong not just tough but mentally capable of such conditional love for others its OUR LIGHT! Let it shine bright in everything that you do in your life!

Just an FYI I did do this post all while this was happening and I did ask my children how to spell Fortnite and they all come rushing to see what I am doing ….. šŸ™‚ and haven’t left my side since told em this was my ME time … turned into WE time!

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