Someone once told me that your late 20’s are the most depressing and hard years of your life. Can I say they never lied! I should have it all figured out. I mean i’ve only been the adult for some time now, we are talking straight out pro here! NOT…. I seriously almost 99.6% of the time have no god damn clue what they hell I am doing. I work it like my momma gave me …

I am beyond blessed to say the least. I worked really hard to get everything I got because its ALL I ever wanted. Ya know the life I was meant to have that I didn’t have ..(this was the answer to happiness taught at an early age) I love my babies and my honey. But -its so much more THAN that.

What about me the woman , the friend the daughter the PERSON inside of it all. What makes her happy.? NO I am not saying my family isn’t everything to me I am saying .. I am more… We as woman feed this world. So why do we not think its okay to water ourselves inside.

Why do we confuse that feeling a hot mess and completely miserable all the time means job well done. That if we are happy and doing what needs to be done it’s selfish of us. This is not how “hard working” moms look… Well that’s some BULL for sure…. First NEVER compare yourself to your mom , sister, friend we are ALL made different for a reason.

We’ve all seen in real life or in movies reality tv what ever. That the moms who have it “all together”or happy – ( life is not picture perfect no one will ever have it all together. ) But they don’t love there children or it is impossible to be a good mom if your happy. There is no false hope, you can be what ever person, mom YOU want to be. This is your life you aren’t living it for no one else.

We learn early on what to believe , so to say right from wrong but as we get older it becomes harder to follow these “beliefs” Well it is simple just because it was planted into your head doesn’t mean you have to live the way your parents did or to be better them you must not do this more but not do that. One day you will wake up and notice well it just isn’t working you feel like your life is a complete lie or better yet sleep walking so to say. So CREATE the life you want not what you THINK life is supposed to look like, We all have our own unique ideas why not color this world with them…

Do the things that scare the living shit out of you, youd be surprised how empowering you feel after crushing it!

Stop worrying about how others SEE you! We live in a world where it’s all eyes on everyone… Shut that shit out! Be in your own world… Let them call you crazy!

&& Be that badass you know you are! Water your flowers!

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