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This life may seem like we are all just here to make money to pay our bills. Find the perfect job so we can pay for the things we want. But if you really just sit and think and well imagine that life can be so much more than that. IT is more than that, ever wonder why some SEE the world differently than others. Well it is simply because life is everything that YOU make of it. It can and should be any and everything you desire it to be! Yes bad things happen to some of us more than others but it is always about how you react. LIKE they say every action has a reaction.

We all deal with life differently but so to say those who CHOOSE to be joyful and grateful even when the universe is basically spitting in your face … You will get BACK what you put in. Maybe not at the exact moment you would like but this life has a funny way of keeping things interested.

The amount of energy we put into this universe is exactly what we shall receive. Not to say you will never be unhappy or dissatisfied but what you do in the mist of that MATTERS -Do you dwell and self loathe or do you keep it pushing. I mean really pushing through no fake shit! The uncomfortable break throughs are majority of the time the most empowering.. Especially when your own mind is basically working against you. This my friends is the minds way of pushing you to get back to the comfy spot it’s so USE too. But you don’t quite like it there.. SO what do you do KEEP IT PUSHING. One bad day or week hell even a damn year does not mean it was all for nothing. It TOOK this long to be who/where you are now. TIME has to be your best friend 🙂 use it , love it , like it, own it! Give this to yourself as much as you possibly can it is by far more valuable.

There is no such thing as “the perfect” time .. RIGHT NOW this very moment is yours… Be gracious be kind and be lovely ♥

I feel like I could go on and on but short and sweet is kinda my thang! Everything always has a way of working it’s self out so why not have that same faith in your life all the time.

I mean to the point people probably think your kind of sick in the head ….. More so ABUNDANTLY – grateful!

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