It is so hard in a world consumed but what others think to really truly be in touch with who you are. The perception that ones life is meaningless if you aren’t living a life compared to anyone but ones self. Because we concentrate on what those around us are constantly doing. You are 9 time outta 10 left feeling completely defeated. We are all so magically unique and trust me when I say there is ENOUGH love and money to go around! It is just up to you to go out and get it… Are you going to believe there is only ONE way or to follow those you can only SEE succeeding.

Everyone IS a genius. ” But if you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing it is stupid” – Albert Einstein

There is no win to small to celebrate heck the little ones are those that make you more grateful for when the big ones arise. We are in AWE when a baby says its first coo or makes a silly face. Why can’t we be in that same awe when we AS adults have our own wins … Celebration isn’t only for special occasions why take away that happy! TAKE it back…. Be joyful and gracious in everything you do & no accomplishment is too big or small. It truly is the little things that add up to the big ones.

The universe is yours! There is SO much life just waiting to be lived… Don’t hesitate because it doesn’t “fit” into someone else’s reality your creating your very own.

I am keeping this one very short and sweet because that’s just it, don’t complicate it!

Don’t over think, Don’t give a crap about what ANYONE has to say but your own voice and your own heart!

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