Acknowledging our strengths and weakness. As a mother or as a woman what do we truly do with such greatness yet many moments of DOUBT.

Share with the world and the people you love or even a stranger your wonderful light! It does no harm and a whole lot of good. For everyone around you and those you can touch even without speaking. Again everything you are putting out there is going to return to you so why the heck not … Our weaknesses are teachable moments, who or what should we do to HELP ourselves. You have to be open to gaining more knowledge than to simply think you have it all figured out.

IT IS a big world out there and you are much more bigger than you put yourself out there to be, WE all are.

This time I will be open about one of my GREATEST weaknesses. Dwelling it is one the easiest thing for me to do and I could do it for hours or even an entire day! Wasted energy of what is not right and not what could I do to overcome this. Me letting my mind take over completely in SELF DOUBT ripping into my thoughts, creating horrible ideas or even better the worst outcome possible. Picking at my entire life from start to finish. It is absolutely exhausting so I will use all kinds of distractions to totally avoid it. But then when it is quiet just for a second it’s then TEN TIMES worse then before feeling coming on at once, feeling every emotion possible. I want to sort to it out but how or to who? Although I have one of the most amazing friends and family in the entire world might I add. I NEED TO face myself I want my life to be different or continue to grow and get better I must ACT on it. I fight it (JUST DO IT) out I sort through what things myself have control over not what I don’t … I know I am capable of anything – I have my own epiphany. That sudden feeling of overcoming such a great deal of “grief” which I created – non in which helped me solve anything,

The universe reassuring you that right now this very moment you are OKAY. It is going to be alright you are still learning and growing and working towards your goals. There will be many moments in which you feel you cannot overcome but you are GREAT you are STRONG and worthy for all that you deserve!


Never give up as right before you, you are that much closer to everything you ever wanted.

AS what does not make you uncomfortable will not change you. Use your fear as motivation to not fear no more.

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