Trying to break the old habits that you didn’t even know you had! The norm of it all, basically the feeling of being comfortable/familiar. I see and hear it all time how “I need change and feel BLAH”. Well that is because we get stuck, yet again at the same point and do not even notice it. You are back to our old routine.

No it will not always be rainbows and sun shine. But just because we were taught “what life is supposed” to look like and how we imagine it to be are obviously totally different so you will need to remind yourself why you want this and that isn’t going to be easy to live outside of so to say everyones norm.

BUT THAT IS OKAY! Simple things to do like changing your tooth paste or listen to different music will help to get your mind flowing … & no that NEW isn’t what I am going for here. The NEW is a temporary feeling that will subside – another habit we use as a temporary fix.

SWITCH IT UP AND KEEP SWITCHING IT UP. On those ever so dreary days .. You will make thru it 🙂

Do something that challenges you pushes you to not revolve around what you typically do. – Routines – They are perfect for children but as adults we get so to say BORED and feel like our lives are on repeat. Switch it up! A little , a lot along the way JUST DO IT. Build a new routine that requires you to explore different things!

But being consistent is KEY. Although it might feel easier to get back into what makes life easier. Easier is not your way out to being that BOMB ASS WOMAN you want to be. Hard work does have it’s way of rewarding you even if other’s do not see it. See it for yourself that is who matters the most at the end of the day.

The blame game is another habit we fall on to play tricks with our heads. BREAK it no ones actions has anything to do with you. YOU are completely in charge… Everyone has choices although sometimes they seem limited they are still there for the taking. SO choose wisely and OWN your SHIT!

Discovery your mind , discover your soul. Learn your heart and learn to GROW …

Being true to yourself is one of the most powerful things you can do! Be powerful and be fearless ♥

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