We are all different have our own thoughts and fears. But one thing I do believe is ANYONE can achieve anything IF they are capable of discipline.

Sounds simple enough right …… Well everything is only easy as in its own likeness am I right. So therefore you have to start somewhere and that somewhere being the unknown or the very beginning. As you gain more knowledge you are heading on the right path. Along the way it becomes a little bit easier and your starting to feel around you the GREATNESS. The universe is in your glory as it always will be. No matter how much temptation or others might find your journey to “wild” stick to your plan.

You are not obligated to anyone nor owe anyone an explanation. We live in such a justifiable world and although to some it is very important I guess those are what you call the practical ones. Nothing wrong with being practical – But you are trying to be your OWN BADASS VERSION OF YOURSELF!

Keep you mind sharp and positive. Master you way around a good excuse! Surround yourself with a positive support system. But know when to TELL yourself YOU accomplished even the little things and freaking celebrate them!

My all time favorite – PEP TALKS! They really do the mind some wonders. ♥

There are many tips and tricks to accomplish self-discipline but many in which only work for some more than others. So set out what your plan is and do what ever you see fit to help you accomplish them. No matter how crazy it may be to some JUST DO IT! & Be proud of yourself damnit …. Great things do not I repeat DO NOT come to those who sit around and wait for them to happen.

Change your mind change your life. Positivity in all aspects of your life ….! They will hate you because your happy but again happy is a choice 🙂

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