Mom Days

I have brought this up before about how hectic my days can be. Well now that I am “stay at home mom” lets just say that I have a whole new meaning to the word HECTIC. Now it is to the point my body is sore by 5pm and someone needs to call a medic because I FEEL like I am about to die… lol

I work out at least 2x a week to say the least try to eat right take my vitamins drink plenty of water && of course COFFEE. You would think the “few” activities we have throughout the week would help balance it all out…. not at all!

The first couple weeks my kids were almost like robots all they wanted to do was watch tv or play on the phone. Nothing more nothin less. Didn’t even eat all their meals I prepared. At the time I felt like well this is gonna suck Mommy had plans lots of plans!

I took them on our first outing and let’s just say that got the blood going … I then decided to write out a “new schedule” I would like us to follow because now I am also in charge of getting the three older ones off to school and pick up so on and so forth. At first I thought I did this for Dad because he works third shift and kept our now 2 and 3 year old home. EASY PEASY right – it was HARD nothing seemed to work. Such as getting them to eat all their food at the time, it would just sit and then I would feel like what a waste (gotta start being fruitful now) all things negative going on in my mind.

Don’t even get me started about a bedtime routine! We are currently still trying to get the 2 year old to go to bed at a decent time. EVERYONE else does but the kid who likes to party when the whole house is asleep! So I think I may have just figured out my own problem! Mom brain – it’s so a thing! Well let me tell you how our night goes – BEDTIME everyone sleep by at least 8:30 okay we will do some light conversation recap of our day until I seriously bore them to sleep or they simply fall asleep on their own ahhhh the greatest!

BUT then at almost quarter til midnight BAM screaming happy cute little baby wants to run and jump and hop and play and give all kinds of hugs and kisses. A million different tv shows to try and bore him but then he get’s so bored I am changing it a couple times. It is turned down so low you have to pay attention or you will miss something but also it is super bright because again it is almost 3:00 in the morning by now.

Finally – Praise the sweet man himself someone has clunked out!! But again I have to be up by at least 6 but can’t sleep until almost 5 then think I am falling asleep for a second and what do you know it has been an hour and you barely make it to take the last two children to school.

I love it! Everyday although we have a schedule it’s a new day to set out for new adventures and challenges. No two days are the same.

We are going to try some new sleep methods -like reading a book or have him sleep with his favorite stuffed animal/toy, something will give it always does. He is my last baby and most of this is on me and I my softness grows even softer but time will tell …

It has been about three weeks now since I wrote this new schedule down on a little not pad and it’s funny how we all say things usually work themselves out. The blessing in being persistent and patient is absolute key to creating anything you want.

It is my perfect little happiness. To see such light heartedness throughout my day is truly amazing. My kids are now much more happier and me the hectic is something you either fall in love with or let it defeat you. I GET IT DONE .. I am not talking the house is always spotless or it smells like rainbows and sunshine all day long. I mean the little accomplishments completed like learning our ABC’s with shaving cream all over the kitchen table … EVERY moment adds up for them. They seriously do not judge and seeing a happy mommy is all it takes to light up that little light in their eyes. ♥

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