Make the impossible possible literally… It happens when things don’t seem to go as “planned”. Turns out it is actually BETTER.

When you feel yourself wanting to have all control you lose sight on life’s most valuable aspects. The small things the things that actually bring you joy! Let loose and live a lot! My favorite saying of all and I actually truly believe it and live by it. Everyday is a NEW day to live out your desires .. so why not!

Having true faith in the something bigger than yourself. The whole universe is not against you is totally for you. Let it in and let out that beautiful light ❤ …

I feel the shift I read all about not just the one due to this awful time change. But the one where I feel myself welcoming all things beautiful 😍 and not so but still seeing the bigger picture so to say.

Accepting all the love and joy.

Being a mom one of the most underrated jobs possible it’s very challenging & we accept all things impossible & DO WHAT … Make them freaking possible!


So why might that be the case for others but not ourselves, well that’s the question we know the answer too but keep making up excuses because we were once told it wasn’t okay to take care of ourselves if we have children a job a family. Glad to say times have changed. Time to embrace the BEST of BOTH worlds!

It’s never easy but is always worth it if your heart truly desires.

Everyday I’m faced with what ultimately makes or breaks me swear it is that dramatic at times. But the point is the small choices I CAN make to do myself some good can go very VERY long way. ❤ Not only do I see changes within myself but my children are also phased by this new and powerful being they see on a day to day. They are a true reflection and I’m more proud than ever to say I DID that!

Keep going the fun has just begun!

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