New Heading

They aren’t quite baby steps yet just slow motion gestures so to speak. Little by litle this BIG picture I have in my head is coming out and becoming such a big part of my life.

I live for the small but detailed things! Because just like planning & life they all come together to something amazing and spectacular. So as I set on this new BEING and Career path I have to remind myself of this.

Vibing ..

TO STRIVE & NEVER GIVE IN… 🖤 The universe will test you push you over the edge and back, it is absolutely determined for you not to evolve! Just like you it likes to be comfortable it loves to know what’s coming next. So you will have to be completely determined, with an open mind of course that nothing no matter what it is will stop you. No one nor anything is going to get in your way!

Your second foot STEP is a lot more stronger than your first so imagine all the rest to follow. “remember they are all coming together for that something spectacular” …

If one way of doing things doesn’t seem to be working don’t give that one up IN FACT create something to go along with it. To add more outcomes the possibilities are endless.

This all means something even when we don’t see it one day when you look back it will ALL make sense 🖤

On the days when I feel crazy and I have nothing left inside of me to move keep moving forward – As I am currently sitting dressed for the gym but I’m on the couch with the computer in lap as if I’m not going to be moving for awhile …. Because I felt like I have done it all. What else could i possibly do to conquer anymore than what I have already. Well for one I took some advise and that obviously inspired this post but two that small inspiration got the juices really flowing. It’s not only today it is in everyday where you can find motivation and inspiration what ever you may need it is all there you just have to open your heart and your mind too it!

It was a small post it note that has my grocery list written all over it by the way for the advice I needed today …

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