Tis the season to reflect in the mist of the New Year and new beginnings. I never really got into the whole resolution thing however I will look back on this last year because it was a doosey.

Change – make or become different.

I took the plunge and made a decision for myself it has always been hard being I have five little human beings depending on their momma for EVERYTHING! I mean my first instinct always was obvious I should stay at home with the kids. But to me it was so much more than that.

This was my life the one life we get for only a long/short period of time. Where my children are only so little and need their mother for everything. Until they don’t.

So not only did I want to do for them and sacrifice the life style we had since been living. But dig deeper and more meaningful for myself as well. Sometimes it can be something little or small that can make a dramatic change in anyones life. But for me I made two big changes! One be a stay at home mom & finally follow my heart and dreams and do what I want to do with my life.

I always thought just the first part was it. That’s my life from beginning to end, right. Life is all about my children but it’s also about who I am as a person, ya know the woman underneath all the messiness.

So with all this new information and of course a little bit of action I find myself right here right now. Only couple months in and actually happy! I’ve come this far and it is actually been successful. Even though I’m far beyond where I want to be. I did something I thought would be completely impossible because again I’ve tried this before and let’s just say it did not end well.

This time my heart ❤ & soul are in it. My mind is open and thinks more clearer. I’m my own light …

Of course with change comes the good bad and ugly & even uglier. But that’s not what this is for me. I’ll go thru all the bad to do this over again because that is how much I want it & that’s how much it means to me. It has a more meaningful feeling that I was never really good at explaining more of doing.

Every action has a reaction this is ME reacting & it’s freaking amazing 🖤

Life is all about choices choose what’s right for you and no one else. With those choices take the consequences with grace. All the love and support is just the icing on the cake.

It is absolutely astonishing what you can accomplish if you truly believe in yourself so keep being the best badass version of yourself no matter what anyone tells you!

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