The Day

I’ve found peace within these last few weeks. I thought losing connection with social media meant feeling left out but I can honestly say I have never felt so connected and whole with myself in a very long time..

Instead of being disconnected online, I’ve connected again with those I love and cherish the most. More doing and less just TALKING about it. The true feeling of contentment with life. Seeing that clear path right in front of me. Mentally emotionally and spiritually I am not afraid to be myself or hide behind my phone or my profile pic. Be 100% authentic and for that I can say my journey has taking me to far beyond anything I could ever imagine. In this I have decided to take full charge and change the events in my life.

What I thought I wanted I still do but I am just going for it without a back up plan or what I thought I needed to be anything but myself. Will I make mistakes yes and fail probably but FEAR that isn’t an option anymore. I am going after my dreams ALL of them.

I am being the BEST version of myself I could ever be and will continue to always want to be a better Mother, Friend, Sister and Daughter. I cannot stop because time isn’t stopping for me I must keep going and take that chance on myself and have FAITH.

Faith in all things around me and within myself. I am grateful for this short time I got to spend with myself and I got more than I thought I ever needed from it, for that I am truly thankful!

It is so true when they say we can only get in our own way. But when you start to fully believe in yourself and see how amazing you truly are it doesn’t seem all that impossible. Starts and ends with you. How much are you willing to give for yourself even on the bad days.

Stay tuned for ALL AMANDA’S PLANNING ♥

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