It is the end of the beginning. I am starting to weigh out the pros and cons to this break I took. I’ve found my balance and I don’t want to mess with the beauty in that like at ALL .. Actually I am not going to … I will keep my website up to date on my blog post and soon providing to the world my Website for my Planning business.

But personally and honestly social media is NOT needed in my life nor do I want it any more. There is so much good out there I DO truly believe but for me IT IS NOT found in social media … For those who say its a way to stay connected I personally see as an excuse to stay less .. There I said it, it cripples us into believing without it we wouldn’t know what is going on in the world or people we care about and their lives.

Once apon a time NOT knowing everything about people you barely even knew left more Space in our lives for other things that mattered! 🖤 And as much as I personally wanted to believe I needed it too I simply do not.

Best decision I have made this far on my Journey. What will I feel like if I am not apart of something …? Will my business suffer or will my client base be slim to none because I am no longer making myself and my life completely available to those? I think ultimately there is a much more profound way to still market yourself. I am sure I am not the only person who may think or feel this but if I am that’s okay with me too. Call me old fashion but don’t call me old …

Like they say it isn’t about quantity it is simply about the QUALITY of it.

I am beyond blessed to say the least for the amount of love and support I have received in this small thing that has also impacted my life entirely. But I guess you can say a girl likes a little bit of a challenge & CHANGE is my new bestie so… Just like with planning it is so much more detail then just writing out what you think you want to come of something to ACTUALLY have the vision come alive right before your very eyes…. With a some wrongs before you get the right but it seems to always still work out perfectly!

The first EVENT I will personally be planning is – a bit different than the Baby shower’s and occasional themed out Birthday party. This time we are talking BIGGER and BETTER – My dad’s side of the family first annual “GET TOGETHER” – reunion feels & sounds a bit off if you knew anything about this side of the family. But it is a START a small start to get family together again and also remember the ones who are no longer with us.

Of course gives me an opportunity to plan something different and in a much bigger scale than I’ve previously done. I’m beyond excited to watch not only my vision, my input and also members of the family come to life.

Creating memories that will last a life time 🖤

RECONNECTING all generations!

This will be my stepping stone and something I take great pride in creating for myself and other’s!

Every sucess story is a tale of constant adoption, revision and change.

Richard Branson

Let’s catch up a bit ** I can’t forget to mention this Stay at home mom thing is amazingly HARD. But in a different kind of way hard… It’s a pleasure a joy and damn torture all at the same time. Looking at and enjoying my children every single day has made me appreciate every little thing life has to offer!

I could write about the things that occasionally go wrong but there are far more good than bad & I don’t lie about it I simply choose not to focus on anything negative and it’s worked wonders for me!!!

Made we revaluate myself and life’s meaning. It kinda sorta can drive a person crazy ! BUT I’d do it all over again in a heart beat ❤….. I am a Stay at home momma , deciding to become my OWN BOSS. Oh and let’s add another thing to the list, Educational Aide for Elementary students in the Cincinnati area.. 🖤 because another thing I’m PASSIONATE about are the children of this world!

Becoming the BEST version of myself & feeling a little badass about it! Keep striving even when you don’t feel like it’s taking you anywhere. This is your Truth in believing …

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