Holy Crap

I had an amazing post I wrote about a week ago scheduled to post. Go to make sure my final reread was as good as the last and NOTHING had saved!

It was a sad moment my back up , back up saving methods had let me down … Or me trying to do work on my phone back fired. Although some of my best work comes from the spontaneous moments of inspiration but this was so well thought out and perfect.

See where I am going here …. JUST when we think everything is exactly how WE thought it should be something unexplainable happens. Could it may or may not been ME .. may have but just stick with me here…

Without any explanation or warning something happens.

It is humbly satisfying to know that although we might insist we have all the control over our lives and our surrounding. There is ultimately something much bigger than us all. Not to be afraid of it but too have faith and believe the good in it! đŸ–¤ Even when you can’t understand instead reason with it and understand the lesson from it. So that post I thought I wanted to share with everyone seems so much less important than this one.

For myself and for others.

As a planner someone who has to have an alternative … I got this! This came about… I always have it in me to keep pushing forward and never look back as a waste but just as a reminder.

This is my purpose & nothing can get in the way of what is meant for me.

But also, that within me is powerful and filled with so much love and peace. I can’t be afraid to let that control point me to where I need to be. – I’m horrible at metaphors ask anyone, but to me it’s like having a backup generator that you kind of forgot you had and now all the lights are back on … I don’t think that was too bad. haha

It is so hard for me on days where I feel I have absolutely no control I look in other aspects of my life to gain MORE but it kinda just ends up a bit messy and is only a temporary fix .. So this is what keeps me going ……

Seeking an answer to everything or trying to understand something that isn’t meant to be completely understood is okay. To take a deep breathe and just be. That is peace that is calm in our minds and hearts.

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