Twice in one week …

This last week of the month has kicked me in the behind! As I look back on it and where I am now I accomplished so much. Mentally emotionally and spiritually. That it has physically taking its toll on my body! Mixture of all good and little uncomfortable moments.. But my vision and focus is always so clear. It is amazing what the will power within us can do. I never try and fight it just embrace it.

Because I like to have ALL things planned out. When I have absolutely nothing on my agenda you would think OHHH free time I have lots of things I could do. Yet I don’t know where too begin .. Probably just stick to the basics like feed myself breakfast because I tend to overthink whether or not I want to or maybe shower then start cleaning … haha the stay at home mom life. Their routine is usually the same but mine not so much I try not to fit into their little box because then I’d really go insane … Routine is good for children but as an adult at this stage of life feels like a trap!

I adorn this time I get to spend with my babies. 🖤 But I’m also continuing to work on myself and my goals because I too still matter. I still have to fuel myself in order to feed my little souls.

Some days feeling more accomplished than others. But I get up everyday and do it. That still counts for so much even when us mommas don’t see it being much of anything.

At times I question all the things I have on my plate. Am I insane to WANT to do these things. But when I am actually in the task something inside me lights up and this thought I’m having right now doesnt even seize to exist. – That my friend is the absolute power of thought. It will either help guide you or make you feel like your at a constant battle with yourself.

– Planning and processing all these events coming up (Family get together, 30th bday GIRL’S trip , Book club, MOVING)

All wonderful things and I am good at what I do, so its an amazing rush ❤

But then there is another part of my life being a mom the slave to tiny evil humans, a housewife the house usually wins, an educational paraprofessional part time work < new!

Then the thought process hits – Your absolutely insane for thinking this is okay. Are you out of your mind , what are you thinking ! But the WILL power takes over before and after these thoughts occur, basically A thought is just a thought. Unless you act upon it and believe in it.

Such wasteful thoughts. Seems like a complete waste of time right… Negativity! It amazes me how so little can spread and take over our minds and we run with it.

So know yourself so when these little moments happen you know how to not fuel it but water it instead ..

This momma is so blessed to have my writing … ❤ for me it’s all about perspective & having this is also another thing I’m passionate about. I don’t see it as work but as an opportunity to enlighten myself and maybe the one or two people who read this. Either or it’s absolutely amazing!

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