Appreciation Post

This post is for myself and for all the woman out there taking care of business. To our babies, to the fur babies to the men in our lives or whom ever it or they may be this is for you.

It is hard! VERY hard … BUT we get up every single damn day and KEEP on going even on the days when we are just laying on the couch because the life is sucked outta of us we are still in motion. Wheels still turning how to make each day we have better. For ourselves for the people we love and some to the world. WE are amazing beings and we are built this way for a reason. We are STRONG and resilient .. No matter how long it takes it happens in an instant we BOUNCE back harder than ever before. We take the hardship and turn into something so beautiful. WE are we are light and with both each day we are putting into the world and our children just that.

Small moments are the Best moments… You never know when you might make a huge difference in another person’s life – so always assume you can.

One motto I for got to live by is work hard play harder…. Just like with self care and self love. Don’t forget to not take life and yourself so seriously ALL the time. Don’t for get to laugh and have a little fun.

Life is not a puzzle meant to be figured out but to be lived out the best way you know possible. Never for get that…. So BREATHE and let in life and the greatness it has to offer!

See the beauty in everything … – In yourself, you are enough and even when it goes unsaid you are appreciated and worthy of this beautiful life. Look around and admire this very thing YOU created. YOU DID THAT! YOU GO GIRL!

There is no such thing as perfect but there is such thing as REAL. Embrace, love , cherish and adore.

To the men who read these you too are absolutely amazing. I am surrounded with nothing but MEN so I too also know the importance of showing our appreciation and LOVE

P.S. If you like this post, any or all of them please don’t hesitate to share with others. A little love can go along way.


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