Love will always lead the way …

It will never be completely done. But a job well done maybe … But that’s not what it’s all about. It is about the in between that counts. How did I handle myself when life threw things my way.

Like they say every action has a reaction and I want my reaction to reflect on this beautiful woman I’ve become and still growing to be. Perfect, beyond no but do I want to do all this out of love ABSOLUTELY. In a world filled with so much negativity and competition, constant NEED to belong or fit in … I was not meant to blend in! I was built to overcome so much but still be left standing with so much love & appreciation in my heart. Continue to give my heart to whom ever it may reach & be felt. 🖤

I’ve always stood in my own way. Fear was the leader of my life. Has it surpass not entirely but more light than dark. But we need it in order to know what light is! My heart and soul are so grateful.

This is the fight I needed to take!

This is the fight my Heart & Soul needed me for 🖤

This is the fight of my life!

& it’s only the beginning but it’s still so beautiful.

I wanted to give in so bad because it seemed impossible. There are days it does and nothing makes sense and then I remind myself of the days like today. Where I can speak about all that I overcome… The dark scary anxious thoughts that take over my entire mind for days and sometimes weeks. Doubts and thinking I’m not perfect enough to be anything less than what I already was.

But to be fully aware and fear that my journey is not for anything less than nothing.

That my soul is worth saving. The life I want is acceptable and it’s okay if that does not look a certain way to others. I’m filled with far more love and power than ever before and I will not demish myself completely because I’m scared of what the world might think.

I will keep loving myself more & more. In ways I never thought were possible. I still amaze myself and I want to continue to do everything I’ve done but with an undying love.

Still a bad ass & nothing shy of being my true fierce self!

Definitely can’t stop me now! As the season starts to change and opportunities present themselves better believe I’m doing more & thinking less! No more of standing in my own way. NO more excuses. I have someone powerful fighting for me!

Life is anything short of being lived out amazing! So let there be LIFE to live.

Week @ glance – First week as a paraprofessional went great! It didn’t even feel like work. However I did catch something.. Just need to up my game in the nutrition department! I kept thinking to myself why I didn’t do this sooner. But I caught myself because life isn’t even half way over!

All my fun is just beginning!

XO, Love

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