Busy Bee

Well it has been an amazing month thus far. Being a paraprofessional has changed my life so much already. Not only do I believe in what I am doing – FINALLY. But also fulfilling one of my many life’s purposes. Before it was ALL about how much money I could make or when the next bonus was coming. I was stuck creating this life chasing after the “corporate life” being the business woman I’ve always wanted to be but not living my dream only someone else’s… NOT the best life worth living to me.

Money (Difficult topic so I will keep it short and sweet) never meant anything to me except being a piece of paper and I struggle even now as an adult to make it an “important” aspect of my life because well we need it in order to live … But it is important I just don’t value this as much as the next person might. That doesn’t make me any less or any more of a human being because I choose NOT to VALUE it.

As my life is continuing to sky rocket – literally that is what it feels like. I still have to ground myself and surround myself with love, peace & positivity.

It can get lonely because things that I may have put up with before to simply have someone around or there to talk too no longer serves a purpose in my life. It’s scary because no one wants to loose people or feel like they are loosing anything but in order to gain things that have no purpose must be lost … Creating the life I want requires it!

To think all I’m doing is changing myself from within. My surroundings are just matching my new found energy 🖤 Just in Aww at myself still & this beautiful life I’m blessed to live.

The magic of just believing in yourself

Also …

When you start to live your life according to how you ACTUALLY see your life it’s of course different to those around you but it also leaves no room for them (those whose purpose is no longer needed in your life). It is true what they say a small circle is better than the unnecessary big one. But I always assumed because mine was never big to begin with I wouldnt loose anything.

But boy was I wrong. Taking care of yourself also means watch who you share your energy with. Share this beautiful life with the same kind of humans who can match your energy!

Nothing more and nothing less!

It is a hard life, relationships, jobs , being mom. Last thing I’ve ever wanted to do was loose or make new lasting relationships. But that was the excuse I told myself before because I was comfortable settling! I no longer fear new or change as a form of loosing control over my life. Heck I embrace every single day as NEW journey just waiting for the next adventure to take place.

I’m still in control! Control over how I’m choosing to enjoy each day on this beautiful earth 🖤 choosing my emotions and feelings, choosing to set necessary boundaries.

Day by day … I live my life with love all around me and I choose love over everything! That’s my super power!

Although I wish I could do it all I’m still human. I’m already way past what I personally thought were my Limitations … But I’m not stopping here! 🖤

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