Purpose of Fear

How do I start writing in a time like this … I could or should talk about what is happening in my surroundings. How the people who went out & bought ALL the tp & cleared the selves needed to get back a form of control in their life. How we as humans think only of ourselves & not the entire world. NOPE not going to surrender to life that surrounds me.

Because I don’t need this to tell me to have compassion for others. How to react when I feel like I have no control. Everything I’ve said previous, times ten applies here! So really this is just a reminder for myself …

So instead of giving into what’s not in my control at this very second guess what still is …. My reaction how I choose to go on from here .. You know what they say love is contagious! So I’m here to share some love and some light!

Like don’t stop taking the necessary time to work towards your goals! Now more than ever is the time to remain focused .. ALL this “extra” time is the perfect opportunity!

& if this hasn’t awaken that soul of yours … Or something hasn’t changed within you.. It soon will!

BOOK that trip something to look forward to! Reconnect with your significant other , friends & family you probably haven’t thought of until NOW!

My family get together is the perfect example for this .. This is why I needed it why it is so important. We get so caught up on life’s unnecessary things we forget the important parts of life! What makes all this worth wild!

Read ALL the books you’ve been putting off. Fall in love with the little things again … For me it’s been dancing ! Yup I’m the crazy lady that is always dancing to the beat of her own drum literally. So much I catch my kids just out of the blue start singing and dancing & it just brings so MUCH joy to my heart ❤ for them not to have any fear or worry because that is not what life is about!

At least 1 activity per day small or big TOGETHER. Sitting down for breakfast lunch and dinner! Bringing back our good night prayers! I usually did this but never made time for ALL of us to do together. See it’s truly not so bad.

There is no room for fear when you can really sit in life and see it for what it is. Absolutely beautiful and amazing. ❤

Keep making it that way .. There is no purpose for fear. Let there be light.

ps. The Godzilla birthday I was hoping to plan actually come to find out the kid likes Sonic now! He’s lucky he’s my kid so obviously we are gonna sit this one out as far as a big event! But momma will work her magic to make sure it’s still just as special 🖤

XO, Love

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