Best Friend

I’ve become so inspired in times like these! But on so much it’s hard to wrap my brain around what exactly I want to say. As a planner and a mom I have a want and need for what’s to come but this also causes so much unwanted anxiety. I have to then remind myself of how far I’ve come. How much peace I created for my life & this, this is just a small bump in the road.

Although these are times when you check in on your friends and loved ones. & remember NOT to ever take for granted what was! Also remember to take care of you. Mom of five I get it, a need to fulfill your heart ❤ with love for others and wanting heal the world of it’s faults.

But remember Rome was not built in day. It takes time and we still graciously have more of that going around these days. So remind yourself of the progress made and never forget about feeding from an empty pot.

Truly is something I’m grateful for after having many downs and never feeling like there would be any good in life… But I’m also still learning and growing everyday.

It’s AMAZING how you treat you can do for your life.

The most basic imformation is also the most valuable. Such as ….

Don’t allow yourself to hold on to things that aren’t bringing you joy or peace. That comforting feeling will only last so long before your left feeling the exact same uneasy way as before, asking yourself why.

You truly have to heal & then MOVE on. Let be what is meant to be …

Also has reminded me so much of how I’ve grown fond of myself. Not needing anyones opinion of my life nor feeling like I LOST anything or anyone … Because the trash took out its self. Harsh reality but so true! Being my own best friend & loving from the inside out 🖤

Catching myself before I fall! Being my own back bone and knight & shining armor so to say .. Absolute best feeling in the entire world. I love all of me. I’m not afraid of who I am. No person place or thing is defined within me. – one exception being God who is my center piece.

Whom I feared talking about, because I didn’t have much of a relationship with. I can’t even grasp the amount of life I’ve been giving just getting a better understanding of who he is & who I am.

It is it’s own power in itself … It is an unimaginable amount of LOVE, that will change your life for ever! Maybe I’ll get better at putting this massive amount of emotions into words but this is the first I’ve ever really written on this …

This journey is all of my own. But it doesn’t have to be all bad there is good in this. This is a piece of my soul I share & I hope it can be of help to anyone who seeks it!

All my post can all be wrapped up into this one! There are always good things in goodbye & new beginnings. I will never be afraid of any of them. I wouldn’t say this is over just taking a turn in a new direction! (GOODBYE & HELLO)


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