Well life in perspective isn’t ALL that bad. Ya know when your supposed to make lemonade out of the lemons … We all want to talk about how we can use this time to acquire a new hobby or reorganize blah blah.

It looks great on the outside but who’s truly being truthful. It is not about being positively productive because believe me I’m 100% with that & live it! But it is also okay to be positive knowing your well being is GREAT just sitting down on your couch or in your bedroom!

It is okay NOT to have control and have no idea of the uncertainty that’s to come. Take life day by day as you should.

Take it from the planner in me… Nothing is 100% guaranteed. & that is okay! This is why we make best of every gift life has to offer .. Big or small.

I’ll admit I caved and felt the need to bring a normal back to life. But with that came and uneasy doubtful feeling. That again I’m not living my truth. Although I was already on a journey myself and thought like everyone for once my life made sense and I was getting it together. Can that still be true of course. But in a different way now, because not only myself but the entire world have seen the way things were before can not continue.

Instead of living in fear. I am not ashamed to say I’ve done nothing! Little here & there but absolutely nothing … Today I did however get A LOT of cleaning and organizing. But still was left questioning myself. Worry of nothing trying to create an issue that didn’t exist. So instead I decided to start where I had left off in my bible study. I have a two bibles both with new & old testament. But different ways to understand & completely grasp.

Any who what do know my night consisted on the topic of the true power of peace and joy. Not talking the money, materials, or achievements. We are talking the ultimate POWER of peace and joy that goes far beyond our understanding. I felt so much relief in the moments just reading his words ❤

Also will I never be ashamed to say I found God in a time I didn’t even know I needed him. How not only has my life changed emotionally, spiritually but the outside is truly fitting to this as well. I’m finally living out the way my life was meant to be & not how I believed it to be. I’m blessed! I’ve only just begun.

XO, Love

Also this is one of the books it is amazing! – Check it out or know someone who might find it easier to start with. I know I most certainly did.

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