I’ve been keeping busy or being a complete sloth either way it’s all about balance right! But no I know I’m not the only one who’s sleeping schedule is all jacked & the morning is like non existing at this point. As to why I am still up deciding I have not been as consistent as I’d like with my so called blog post.

So the planning is put off & MOST definitely my para days were very short lived.. Where does that leave me, Well its been 2 1/2 months and I decided to pull out my 2020 planner because like most I’m sure are feeling this will never come to a halt. I am wanting something to look forward to. Also this is where I write down my 3 goals I want to accomplish for that week. I started this a year ago AND that to me is Life.

SIDE NOTE – Just hearing that my local Grocery store has new extended hours past dusk has me so excited! Which leads to some hope that with small things great things will also happen …

I’m NOT giving up I repeat I am not giving up on my Planning business!

While being “stuck safely inside” I came up with some small things I can plan like – my oh so fabulous date night in! It was a blast planning and setting up. Although I don’t have any pictures of it I am pretty proud to say I know what my calling is 🖤 & All for under $20! Can’t beat that. All kinds of fun “themes” nights for the kids. I’m very excited for when we can officially have an event again. Even considering my family get together but I know it may be short notice but worth a shot for sure!?

I picked up quite a few new hobbies!

Throw pillow cover

I’ve always wanted to make my own dresses so I decided to buy a sewing machine. Haha BUT it is a lot more complicated than that of course what was I thinking. I can barely sew a straight line how does one mess that up I shall never know. This hobby is going to take a lifetime to master. & I look forward to it.

My FAVORITE but also most challenging is my Bible study/journaling … I never understood until now why it is so hard to come to God as you are. But that’s exactly how he wants you too. Not knowing or only have a meer understanding but do not fear! He loves you just the way you are 🖤 & not to worry you can’t mess this up!

Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

John 14:27

I wanted to go this route because personally being creative is something I enjoy now more than ever. But also it takes the FEAR of the pressure to be a perfect godly woman ❤ You make mistakes but you can fix them – try & try again. There is no such thing as perfect! So do not fear the good Lord.

There are so many resources out there it can get so overwhelming but listen to yourself and ask God to help guide you. One of my favs that keeps popping up,a so I took it as a sign that I must try is the SOAP method. Scripture • Observation • Application • Prayer Easy enough and you can make it colorful or just get straight to the point.

I would love for you to share some of your methods you use to help bring out the best in the time you spend reading the word of God!

I have used this weird time in our lives to explore so many different avenues in my life. I know once things do somehow go back to normal I may not want to continue ALL my new adventures as I’ve only listed a few. I enjoyed myself tremendously & so blessed to say I was able to do such things. Too find joy and happiness in a time the world is covered in stress and anxiety! I pray this is a new beginning and an end to what was not working for our world and cheers to the GOOD that is to come our way. ❤


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