Did you know it took almost 2 and a half months for me to “hit post” on my site! I started my journey about a year ago. First & for most obvious was I quit my job and decided I was not going back to the field I had and was chasing the corporate ladder of success. Which I successfully grown in since I was 18 years old…. 10 years of uncertainty and not feeling like every stepping stone “raise” , “bonus” , yearly anniversary and so on and so forth meant absolutely nothing to me. But society tells us it is everything you need & want. I jumped around a lot never feeling completely accepted or like I was actually where I belonged. I fought this feeling for a LONG time. Until blaming it on having a baby or my past etc. Could no longer be an excuse. No MORE EXCUSES. I tried the whole maybe I need to loose weight to “feel” better about myself. Creating new goals finding my passion or purpose in life. While also working from the inside out ya know… (Kind of every single past blog post) I write these as my Life premits … I don’t plan them out perfectly or brain storm – yes the perfectly structured woman writes on a mear lim.. I just GO for it! I did it again i got off topic … SO lets try the this again I did reflect my light out and began to beam/glow! I had it & still have it but for not the reasons other would think. So back to the story I had No college degree, actually I dropped out and was a mother at 14! I did how ever get my GED not to much longer after having my first job. Still til this day try to continue my education …. I WORKED MY BUTT OFF TO GET TOO WHERE I AM!

I was raised ALL over but most of my younger years where in a small town that never really made me feel they accepted (rephrase that, ONE of the many places I never felt accepted ) a side of me so I was forced to acknowledge the other. Some knew me others not a clue and some could Speculate because that is just what you do when you have no idea! I was programed to believe that being a multiracial woman that the “black” was not a good thing. So completely ignoring a part of myself for what I see as a critical time in my life as a mother, a young woman and a girl finding her way in the world. I did only what I knew I could create my own path and my own life. Basically ignore the obvious that I never fully healed from my past and just carried it around with me. But you catch my drift.

I guess I should get to a point here since this isn’t the book of my life … Stay tuned haha

You can only RUN from the truth for so long .. I use to believe that everyones truth is different it’s all kind of the same. We are God’s children & the truth resides in him! Not you NOT a self help book or affirmations and goals.

When I say Trust me, I mean the proof is in the pudding. I stared my blog at the exact time before actually wanting to change my life.. I’ve read, I’ve seeked help professionally and watched every movie, video, spoke to others you name it. & the best part – But I always , Always felt a piece was missing. And never feeling whole! Until now my life my love my heart and my soul are whole. I can’t do nothing but want more and want for others what I have and is rightfully yours. Love of God. ❤ His word is your life … it transforms your entire being inside and out & all around you.

He then I accepted me. The not so sculptured body , Crooked smile , the color the world tries to classify me as black the white , sensitive and emotional one. Who has Love for any and everyone. Who is vulnerable and not in fear of being so. Also Brave & shall not fear anything … Whole , gratified , happy. I can go on and on believe me it does not stop there …

I have shared a lot of books ideas and advice in my short time here on my blog. But this one below …… Game changer & I want others to join!

So please share! It is a 40 day journey one chapter every day. With one question, scripture to remember & a message online. Encourages you to do it with others so here is day one to see a little for yourself. These are listed at the end of each chapter.


Amazon had the best deal for this book!

As always ,


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