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How can we LOVE each other if we are to busy and focused on ourselves all the time?

I for one understand the meaning of self love and self care , this was my selling point after all. But when does it become more than that? When everything is always me, me me me! I started this journey anxious, scared and in a weird time of my life. I always love to look back on my past post, one because they are still motivational in a sense -to be better writer & two to see my growth! Like life it is constantly changing so yes at a time, I instead only focused on ONE particular thing (that being myself)… I noticed how slowly but surely it’s shifts. Once you start to evolve you can’t just stop at where you feel is necessary. Like life you want to also continue to move!

Okay onto my point now. With that information I didn’t stick with it for too long because then I sound like a broken record! – Got my point across but That’s it!, It is the never ending train of coming back to the same place as before.. I’m still searching or still missing something! This is only momentary. I am going to try and find NEW ways to make it about MYSELF but still wonder why that isn’t working.. You might drastically lose all the weight you wanted, Make all the money from doing what you love or HAVE all these things that are supposed to make you feel better yet your heart isnt statisfied. Which then you lean on well this was all ME,! (this is where you then only blame yourself right) I mean it is all about you… The idea that you hold that kind of power to me now looking back is mind blowing!! Don’t get me wrong it is a truly satisfying feeling to be the one who did all the hard work and with your “self-control” conquer the great attitude and all.. But basically as I would say you are”playing God”. That is where you can either spiral inward become so selfish and self consumed .. Or more outward and I will probably need to have that talk in a later post but try to stick with me.

To hold the power. This way of thinking is that unlike others you worked harder or smarter so that makes you “better” right…. That kind of mindset is Toxic straight up! Humble yourself, I mean the harsh reality that not one man nor woman on this earth is any different than you as a human being. God created us all as his children … & As a mother I would or could not ever see one as more valuable or powerful than the others.. We if anything are stronger and more powerful together not just as I (the leader the mother) but together as ONE.

So basically this just sums up my entire post! Maybe I just need to become a meme writer or something!

I’ve learned entirely more than I have my entire life this past year! More & more as I try to understand that yes I want to be happy and healthy. But it has & is more than that. For me and for anyone who ever does come across my little blog. Not to say those things don’t matter because they do. But they aren’t the big goal of Life. Or even a determination of a temporary moment .. That moment being the long but short lived life given here on earth. & how your choosing to live it out most certainly matters!

To truly believe that we were created just to live a life here temporary is astonishing…

Some may not feel that they will ever need to come to God. I for one knew of and then some .. But the things I’ve grown to love and actually know are far more better than anything anyone has ever been able to tell me. So I say find out from yourself. 🖤 If you are like some doing everything you can possibly think of to complete ,happy , satisfied. But still have a thirst for more I’m telling you that thirst isn’t more money or to loose more weight! But it is peace, unconditional love, Family, Eternity.

This journey is never ending!! The more you learn the more you do. The more you do the more you want to learn more and more! We as beings can only know so much about ourselves until the things we want to know can’t be taught from yourself. Its a new life and a new way of thinking.

Planning has Begun!

My latest post I mentioned how I wanted to offer my services to 2 people! & Stay tuned!! I was asked by a friend to help with her 30th Birthday party! We are calling it “Stary Summer Nights”

Hint – Lots of Candle, lights, & fire!

So if you are anyone wants to get together to brain storm, shop or help setting up (decor) I’m your girl!! ** This is a one time only offer**

Contact information in my menu section! 💜

Xo, Love!

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