To do

I actually find myself enjoying turning away from distractions of this world. There are SO many out there & we tend to forget they’re there, but it is my favorite thing to do now a days! ( This is my 2nd cleanse! NO SOCIAL MEDIA, NO TEXT & BARELY USE OF PHONE) Which at first it kind of seems wrong to count yourself out of conversations or feeling “included” connected but every now & then we have to disconnect to reconnect.

One thing being, having a relationship with 🖤 My heavenly Father. But I wouldn’t be a woman of Christ if I didn’t share with you what I’ve done, learned and loved along the way.

The way I was going before cluttered my mind. My routine needed a REBOOT! I make lots and LOTS of list & plans. Also lots of trial and error before I find something that fits just perfectly. Note* I needed more consistency so this is what fits for my life. It is not for everyone but maybe the take away may help!

I’m a complete night owl! & Actually get some of my best work done at night but also first thing in the morning – But only before everyone is awake.

My daily To Do:

  • Say my prayer as soon as I open my eyes .. Short & sweet
  • BLOG/Write
  • shower, freshen up
  • MAKE COFFEE & Water bottle
  • Pick up anything left from the night before
  • Breakfast with my Daily Devotional (I’ve turned this into a mini study session as well) Takes less than 15 minutes using the SOAP method with scripture provided in the devotion for that day!. -S scripture –O observation –A application -P Prayer
  • Prep Dinner first thing or night before (School is back in session so lots of slow cooker meals)
  • Home school, appointments, shopping, attend to my little people etc.
  • Lunch for me is BREAK time. & then a little Free time!,
  • FOOTBALL Practice/Bible study meeting on Mondays nights/Church meetings etc.
  • Dinner
  • Baths
  • Chores (I find it more easier to do them at night & before bed. Go to sleep & wake up to clean house is a winwin)
  • Bible study, Reading, Small projects- New found LOVE for those busy days is listening to scripture! I learned this one from my new bible study group. It is refreshing, amazing and relaxing ALL while learning the word!

This is my Monday thru Friday routine it is usually more relaxed on weekends since we are back to FOOTBALL games and Sunday dinners etc. But even when I’m not on “schedule” I find myself still wanting to do a few of these really good habits I’ve created for myself.

I’ve also created 3 new binders to help keep me organized and on top of things! I have a Bible study binder, Household binder and my new Bizness binder which I’m very excited about! I like to make things fun & interesting. Creating new ideas to keep me motivated! But still on my task. Challenge myself to change and evolve.

At first this all seemed like a whole lotta work and no play… But when I realized that what you do behind closed doors matters! Not what it looks like on the outside or on social media. Your consistent hard work & dedication never goes unnoticed. Especially in the eyes of our Father. ❤

See the below link for the Daily devotional –

Click Link for Bible Listening App – I believe it is available in the app store for iPhone users.

There are SO MANY good resources out there. I would try them all but you will probably drive yourself crazy. I will say this don’t be afraid to try something new if something isn’t working. Or tweak it to match your life and your relationship with Jesus. What works for some may not work for others but you won’t know until you try. Also stay excited about knowing and growing closer to Jesus. There are times we might feel blah about it but that just means you need to dig a little deeper or reach out, serve etc. This is a lifetime commit to become more like Christ. Most importantly we are not meant to take this walk with him alone. Do not hesitate to reach out to me or anyone you may feel can help you, guide you and walk with you in this journey. We were not created to be alone! ❤


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XO, Love

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