Deep Dive

Four months!, That’s how long it has been since I decided to take the dive. — Ready set & go ..

I’ve read plenty of business articles talked to many different woman & men who all started their own business, took into consideration the blood sweat & tears behind it all. & well I still went for it. But that’s not it. My faith has been tested EVERY relationship to some extent has been questioned or left me feeling ashamed to want to do this!

But this is my baby! This is my NEW love and yes as any “new” relationship that warm fuzzy feeling goes away and it’s down to “real life” encounters… So for Four months I’ve wanted to quit! Four months of putting my heart out to the world to people I don’t even know and then some I do! Nothing absolutely nothing! After – Still having so many ideas & new ways to make this grow come to me I know I can’t give up now! I started at what I thought would of been an end of very long confusing year so hopeful for a bright future.

As you can see it hasn’t happened yet – but ..

I’m still looking forward to the days where getting together isn’t something we ever take for granted anymore.. How any milestone in life is worth celebrating with each other!

How inspiration is all around us!

My passion for planning and helping others will continue to be my love. Whether or not it is big or small but I remember why I love it not why I want to love it!

I will continue to learn & grow within myself & my business!! As this is still simply the beginning!

Planning to me isn’t just about having everything perfectly laid out ready to go but the moments leading up to it. Figuring out what will work and what won’t. Problem solving- & I mean LOTS of problem solving. Maneuvering around tasks, people, & problems with ease because although it didn’t go as planned sometimes 9/10 there is something better just waiting…

It’s so true in life too! We think we know how we want something to go exactly how it’s planned but we all know things happen sometimes things get messed up But ya know what – it always ends up okay & sometimes much better than we ever could of imagined ,.. That to me is the magic!

So as I wait and do all the footwork behind the scenes.. We all know how much I love to plan for those I love & what better way than a “Galentines Day Brunch” this Event has so much behind it. This is me presenting my official Owning of All Amanda’s Planning LLC.

While showcasing weeks of planning and putting together this beautiful moment I’ll be apart of as well!

This is how I as the planner put my planning into motion – INSPIRATION (usually most events are typically milestones so sometimes it’s easy to have the inspiration already) but that isn’t always the case!

LOCATION – Venue is everything yes you can turn any house or blank canvas rental hall into what ever you want but sometimes that requires a lot of work and imagination!! Every Event is special!

THEME – DECOR – My favorite 🖤 this is the hard but fun stuff!! So many ways to go about creating a memorable moment for everyone. This also includes your inspiration what are you trying to showcase -you want these two to usually collaborate well together!

PURPOSE – This is the expectation of the event! Where all 3 things come together and your able to showcase why your having this event! (Yes a birthday party for your 3 year old is typically about the 3yr old but that doesn’t always have to be the case you may also want to include or use this event to create other memorable moments)

So you see I wish this was as easy as well tell me what you do or can do as a Planner. I take into consideration every client and their special Event. I use my strategic skills and creativity to put Events together. – CONSULTATIONS ARE KEY! I want to bring to life what ever you have on your heart to create!

So if you are reading this all hope isn’t lost! & I’ll still be right here to help you through any task you have in hand for your next Event!



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